No matter what your idea of a perfect night out on the town consists of, the nightlife scene in St. Lucia promises to provide an option to suit any traveler’s needs. 

Heading to a local bar is a great alternative for the traveler who wants to enjoy a social evening of drinking without the hassles associated with going to a bustling nightclub. Guests can still have an exciting evening if they choose an appropriate bar to cater to their nightlife desires.

At J.J.’s Paradise in Marigot Bay, people gather to sip on drinks while watching fire-eating shows, participating in limbo contests and letting loose with karaoke nights.

Live music and dancing weekly  at several restaurants in Marigot Bay such as Chateau Mygo, Rainforrest Hideway, ao


Street Parties

St. Lucia locals hold street parties or "jump-ups" weekly, according to Frommer's ( The festivities include live reggae music, stalls filled with rice 'n' beans, barbecued chicken, seafood and other Caribbean treats. The "jump-ups" take place at Gros Inlet, Anse la Raye and other locations throughout the island. These street parties last a few hours, usually until midnight and feature an eclectic mix of St. Lucians and tourists.



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