Marigot Palms is perfectly positioned less than 5 minutes stroll to the four Restaurants & Bars located in the Bay area. You’ll find a wide variety of menus and prices that can fit pretty much any budget. We will be very happy to assist you in making your reservations with any of the restaurants described below:

Doolittle's Restaurant & Bar

In 1967 Marigot Bay was one of the main locations used in filming the classic Rex Harrison movie Dr Doolittle. Movie critics say the beautiful scenery helps draw the viewer into the movie... and who are we to argue?

When you visit Doolittles Restaurant and Bar you'll fall in love with the alfresco dining area overlooking the crystal waters of Marigot Bay. You'll see hummingbirds darting among the flowers that line the restaurant's walkways, parrot fish swimming through the corals, and crabs sunbathing on the jetty. But it’s at night that Marigot Bay’s wildlife is at its most breathtaking… as darkness takes hold, look out for graceful rays gliding through the water, and watch the bats swoop down and catch fish with incredible precision.

From local delicacies like conch, mahi-mahi and king fish to classic dishes like steak and shrimp, the chefs take the freshest locally-sourced ingredients and turn them into mouthwatering creations that will drive your tastebuds wild.

Chateau Mygo House of Seafood of Marigot Bay

Chateau Mygo House of Seafood is located waterside at Marigot Bay

Chef-owner Shaid Rambally successfully manages to blend East Indian and Caribbean cookery into a series of tasty dishes.

At lunch you can order the grilled catch of the day, or feast on freshly made salads, sandwiches, or burgers.

At night the chef-owner's wife, Doreen, struts her stuff, drawing on three generations of Creole and East Indian recipes. Fresh ingredients such as mangos, papayas, okra, taro root, and plantains flavor such dishes as red snapper, mahimahi, or Caribbean lobster.

The château also boasts the best sushi bar on the West Coast -- try a spicy tuna roll or the crunchy calamari roll. Sashimi can also be ordered, along with 20 different thin-crust pizzas; the lobster pizza alone is worth the journey across island. Live music and dancing add to the fun.

Bay view Seafood & Grill Restaurant located at JJ's Plaza

JJ has brought back all the dishes you and your friends so love. Creole Crabs, Fresh Garlic Butter Lobster, Creole Lambi (conch), Curried Octopus and even Local Stewed Pork, Stewed Rabbit and Curried Goat. All finger licking good.

Every Wednesday's you, your friends, and family can come and enjoy our SEAFOOD NIGHT. Top of the list is your favorite CREOLE CRABS. Entertainment weekly - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Karaoke Sunday ON A LIGHTER SIDE Freshly baked Pizzas, Sandwiches, Hot dogs and Mama Sheila's special Beef burgers Please also ask about our JJ's Special Mix.


located in soufriere

Located at the northern end of Soufrière, Orlando’s is in a beautiful courtyard garden setting where they serve ‘ Ti Manje‘,which means small plate of food in the local Kwéyòl language.

Chef  Orlando’s mission is simple: to make Caribbean cuisine as influential and flavorful as other internationally known cuisines by using only the freshest local fish, meat and produce to create his masterpieces. There is also a small, but very carefully chosen wine list that pairs well with the cuisine and enhances the dining experience.

The Orlando’s culinary experience is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed !

Executive Chef  Orlando Satchell

British-born and internationally-trained Chef Orlando is a self-described chef on a mission. And as the owner of Chef Orlando’s Restaurant and Bar in picturesque Soufriere, Chef Orlando gets to live out that mission


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